Jobs Fields that are Heavily in Demand

The health care sector remains in a hiring mode from every angle, from routine patient care to technological, pharmaceutical and treatment innovations. From that sector, we also see software offerings which in turn make for growth in the software sector of the economy. Internships are available at schools such as The Portnov Computer School, after a three month course.
The housing sector recovery is very much in the news these days as well. States are underwriting union apprenticeships in housing and building related trades such as carpentry, electical and plumbing. Automotive, welding and sheet metal apprenticeships are also available.
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CSPI pushes back at 7-Up

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has agreed to drop its class action lawsuit against Cadbury-Schweppes, the makers of 7-Up soft drinks in exhange for their discontinuing their misleading labeling regarding high fructose corn syrup. 7-Up has agreed to change its label from "All Natural Ingredients" to "All Natural Flavors." The victory is not complete, however, given that flavors are ingredients, and such flavors are not all-natural. Proof of this is found in the absense of high-fructose corn syrup found in any natural plant matter. In addition, Cadbury-Schweppes has promised to remove "Natural" from Snapple labels as well.